SV: [sdiy] More on LVDT for keyboards...

karl dalen dalenkarl at
Fri Feb 15 23:14:50 CET 2008

Forget all those special LVDT decoder chips, they cost a fortune,
you can implement a very effective multiplexed quadrature LVDT decoder
in any decent 8bitter MCU. Use one PWM as generator, AD or 2 Compare
channels as decoder. :-)

Well, there are a dirt cheap cap sensor chip like CS209. (On semi)


--- Jim Patchell <patchell at> skrev:

> In doing research...turns out there are chips for processing LVDT's that 
> address the drift problems...
> The down side...
> Those chips cost ~$25 each...
> But...I think I can figure out something along those lines to cut costs 
>   (DIY solution of course)...
> -Jim
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