[sdiy] hello everybody

alf holm solution at netcabo.pt
Tue Feb 12 20:59:20 CET 2008

i am trying to achieve a bizarre synth setup and have 0 experience- 
perhaps someone can help.

imagine a softsynth collection running on a laptop,hooked up to a  
motion sensor that is similar to a theremin,two wireless sensors  
change the note by varying their relative distance.

for commercial use these sensors would one on a femidom and the other  
on a male condom.

i want to achieve an orchestra...

privately i can see some sort of piercing that holds the device in  
place on the flesh.or disposable stickers
like those in books at the bookstore.

obviously these sensors require a reader and software to interface  
with the soft synths.

an additional modulator also wireless or 2 actually in the form of a  
wireless hand held or finger rings is required to liven the monotone  
sample or chord sample.

feel free to join and be part patent holder according to your  

cheers alf holm in lisbon portugal

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