[sdiy] RANE MP24Z

Dave Magnuson resonant at hoohahrecords.com
Tue Feb 12 01:54:58 CET 2008

Hi Nathan,

I think by saying "hard solder problem" they're meaning brittle or "cold" 
joints.    If this is the case, I'd personally retouch ALL solder 
connections on the entire mixer.   It sounds like a ton of work, but will 
probably only take an hour or less.  Just reheat each joint and dab a small 
amount of fresh solder on it.

It's totally possible to test the board and retouch only the bad 
connections... but others will be likely to fail in the future...  which is 
why I usually repair the whole board at once.

Personally I think Radioshack solder really sucks... I'd find something 
better if possible.   Remember that something soldered with lead-based 
solder must be touched up with lead-based solder (lead-free ROHS will be 
problematic).   I'm not saying Radio Shack solder "wont" work... but I just 
don't like it.

Dave Magnuson

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> hi all!   quick question.......
> i have a rane mp24z mixer that RANE says has a 'hard solder'  problem.....
> is this an easy fix?
> by this i mean can i open the unit up and see the problem or is it 
> something that has to be tested via multimeter?
> i am not sure what 'hard solder' means, i assume the connection is  lost 
> between the pcb board and the connection.....
> rane seems to have pretty good documentation......
> can i use radio shack grade rosin core solder on pcb connections or is 
> silver solder better?
> is it worth fixing?
> cheers
> nate
> p.s.   i solder decent audio and video  (no cold joints but not pro 
> quality by any means!) cables but am a bit clumsy around tiny pcb 
> parts!!!!
> lol
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