[sdiy] Error on the SoundBite board!

Tom Farrand mbedtom at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 20:05:42 CET 2008


For resistor and other SMT parts, check out www.smtzone.com to see
what they have.  For Xmas I asked for an 0805 resistor kit and got it.
 In my opinion, these are very nice kits.  I was of a mind that said
to not screw around with individual parts and just get the assortment.
 I also picked up an empty case like the resistor and cap assortments
come in, to use for storage of SMT parts that I buy from Digikey and
Mouser.  These are nice boxes and store a ton of parts in a very small
footprint.  There are a pair of anti-skid "feet" on the bottom which
helps to ensure they don't easily get knocked over.

Of course you need tweezers to realistically extract the parts from
the tiny wells in which the parts sit, but if doing any SMT work you
already have a set.  (I have no connection with smtzone, I just like
their resistor kits.)  Santa brought me the R08E48-100 kit for Xmas.

Tom Farrand

On Feb 5, 2008 12:07 PM, Eric Brombaugh <ebrombaugh at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Paul Schreiber wrote:
> >>> R20 was 100K change to 1M
> >>>
> >>> R21 was 1K, change to 100ohms.
> >>
> >> Not having the schematics here, what were these resistors?
> >>
> > These are resistors used with the crystal and a 74HCU04 hex inverter to
> > form the crystal oscillator.
> Just got my board yesterday. Hooked it up to the RF spectrum analyzer
> and saw that the crystal was running at 22.9994MHz (instead of the rated
> 24.576MHz) and had a lot of nasty sidebands.
> Used solder wick & fresh liquid rosin to wick off the excess on R20/R21,
> flipped them off the pads & cleaned it up. Bent the leads on some 1/8W
> axial leaded resistors to match the pad spacing, soldered them down.
> Looks ungainly, but works.
> Now the spectrum analyzer shows 24.576MHz as intended and no sidebands
> within the resolution of the analyzer.
> Recommended fix. I probably ought to get out of the dark ages here and
> shop for a selection of SMD resistors though. Any suggestions on
> economical vendors?
> Eric
> BTW - has anyone actually written/tested any code for the SoundBite yet?
> Just curious...
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