[sdiy] Suggestions for stocking parts bins?

anthony aankrom at bluemarble.net
Fri Feb 1 20:00:44 CET 2008

I highly recommend looking for used electronics in a second hand store or 
even in recycling areas where they have "trading posts" you can find some 
cast-off radios and such that will yield up good parts. I hardly ever have 
to buy parts, and then it's usually just electrolytic capacitors. But keep 
in mind that I have been collecting electronics junk since about 1984.


> Folks,
> Apologies for such a fundamental question.  I'm looking for suggestions on 
> a cost-effective method for building up a supply of common components to 
> have on hand for projects.  Are there any vendors that can be recommended, 
> who sell assortments of resistors, caps etc. that contain a decent variety 
> of different values?  Or, am I better off buying large quantities of 
> specific values from a place like Mouser?  Any tips would be appreciated.
> -George
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