[sdiy] uA726s off the bay for my mini do not work

Greg James gjames at kddlab.com
Fri Feb 1 03:33:17 CET 2008

GoodBuy711 = HKSS

They have such a bad rep they are starting to play the name game.
I wouldn't buy anything from them.

chipforbrains is good. I've bought several batches of components
from him and they've always been good. He has UA726s.


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> I bought half a dozen UA726HCs from Goodbuy711 via Ebay a couple
> of months ago, and the two I've tried so far seem to be OK.
> They worked in a Formant VCO, got slightly warm and stayed in tune 
> when I sprayed the top with freezer spray. 
> Batch number is H0213.  

Hi Steve, thanks for that, did a quick check and he does have them on his 
same batch no as HKSS 0012 and I think actually is HKSS!

Item number: 220147479509

These did not work in my mini




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