[sdiy] Looking for a 5024

Steve Carter steve at willacy.co.uk
Sat Aug 23 19:05:21 CEST 2008

Get hold of an old organ and rob one out of that!

To quote 'The Organ Service Company' from their website: "These IC's  
were utilized in thousands of organs produced by Baldwin, Conn,  
Gulbransen, Hammond, Kimball, and Lowrey. These TOS IC'S were the  
MK50240, S50240, and MO83B types".

I know that a lot of these 1970s organs are now not very desirable and  
fetch very little on eBay and give up a multitude of parts including  
very usable keyboards for synth projects.  The last one I bought cost  
£1 :)


On 23 Aug 2008, at 17:07, Ian Smith wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was poking through my CMOS cookbook and came across a little blurb  
> on the Mostek 5024 Top Octave Generator. I thought, wow, I could do  
> some pretty cool things with that... and can't find it anywhere.  
> Does anyone know where I can find one of these or something similar?

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