[sdiy] Another possible Jung book

Paul Schreiber synth1 at airmail.net
Thu Sep 27 17:27:05 CEST 2007

There is another book that Jung was a *contributor*/editor:

Op Amp Applications Handbook ISBN 0-7506-7844-5

which is *specific* to using Analog Devices op amps, but in many cases other 
types can be used. About 800 pages long. Very useful! Ch. 7 alone is worth 
the price (real-world problems/solutions for noise, power supply issues, 
grounding, etc).

Note: this book has a LOT of theory. God forbid folks should actually learn 
something while building :)

If all you are looking for are 'quick and dirty' effects schematics, then 
this site is all you will ever need:


Paul S.

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