[sdiy] Moog Rogue dissasembly

Florian Anwander Florian.Anwander at consol.de
Mon Sep 24 09:33:45 CEST 2007

Hi Nick

> I tried pulling slightly harder on the knobs, and using my fingers to 
> sort of brace under it,
> but when I do, it causes the other controls to move, because it is  
> actually _warping_ the board!
As fas as I remember there are two different types at the Rogue: The 
rotary knobs are fixed with a headless screw, the slider knobs simply 
are sticked on the shafts. The rotary knobs use to stick on the shafts 
even if the screw is removed.

Pulling the knobs with some force won't break the pcb. The pcb of the 
Rogue is robust enough to stand this. I repaired or modified several - 
its always the same with the knobs. I use a long-nosed plier as lever. 
Lay a sheet of carton or plastic left and right of the pot on the 
surface of the synth to prevent scratches. Then stick the pliers noses 
as deep as possible under the knob and whatch, that the carton is under 
the tips of the pliesers nose. Then lever the knob out with movements of 
the pliers away from the surface.

I never achieved to destroy a knob that way,


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