[sdiy] Wanted Moog Prodigy schematics of first version

Florian Anwander Florian.Anwander at consol.de
Wed Sep 19 11:57:31 CEST 2007

Hello everybody,

I still am desperately seeking for a complete service manual of a moog 
prodigy of the first version (below serial number 4160).

There is one floating through the web which is usually a copy of
This one contains the written description of the old series, but the 
schematics (with partnumbers) are for the new series and a pcb layout 
map or part list is missing completely. I already asked Amos from 
Moogmusic, but they do not have it. Other (more or less) commercial 
suppliers of manuals could provide only the copy from the internet.

Of course I can figure this all out - the circuit is not that complex. 
But for a quick try of a modification on the pcb it is very annoying.

So: If anyone out there owns a complete service manual of the Moog 
Prodigy I really would apreciate to get a copy of it. Of course I would 
pay for it and commercial offers for the "real" service manual are welcome.


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