[sdiy] Quietest 60mm fan?

Julian julian at 22host24.com
Tue Sep 18 11:06:12 CEST 2007

Eventually ive got around to opening up my Akai S6000 to find the source of 
the racket inside...

The culprit is a matsushita 12v dc SF60 fan...

Im looking at various replacement fans, using the old favourite, ebay, and 
comparing noise and airflow data, and wondering -

Generally, if something has, to use easy figures, 50CFM airflow at 50DBA, if 
i lower the fan voltage to, say, 10v, am i likely to see a linear 
relationship between noise and airflow, or can i expect optimums?

In this example, the s6k is, i believe, little more than a custom board with 
an intel 386 dumped on it.  This machine has no internal hard disk either, 
so im wondering how much cooling i really need anyway.


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