[sdiy] Some questions regarding distro/psu/connectors

David Sponaugle bulging_catastrophe at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 11 06:32:19 CEST 2007

Hi all. This is my first attempt at building a modular synth. I've built a 
few stompboxes and whatnot and have been researching this for months. I've 
purchased a power-one triple output +15,-15,+5 psu since i will be using 
some .com and moog modules as well as motm's and others. I figure i'll 
connect the power supply to the motm 990 so i can run modules that require 
the 3rd output and also modules that do not. It will then connect to a motm 
960 distro board for lots of extra modules that do not require the +5v. I'm 
starting with mfos modules for now so i want more 4 pin connectors han 6 

If something is wrong here, please let me know. I think things are straight 
so far. The problem is what i use to connect from the distro to the modules. 
The following is a PM that was sent to me and I like the sounds of it:


One thing I didn't mention is that they're just straightforward 4-pin inline 
male/female plugs(+15, -15, +5, ground). When I make modules from premade 
PCB's, I twist the three wires together first with a drill, then solder them 
to the PCB. I then drill an extra hole in the PCB to secure the wires with a 
zip tie (so they aren't yanking the soldered connections). I leave about 4-5 
inches, then solder attach the molex connector.

The reason I don't use a header connector on the PCB is that some prefab 
PCB's are set up for them (Ken Stone's CGS boards, for example) and some 
aren't, and since I have a .com system that uses a different type of power 
connector, I figured this would at least make all my DIY modules uniform (I 
would've used the same kind as the .com, but they don't make inline versions 
of the male connector, only headers for PCB mount).

Here's the info from the old e-mail I sent to someone else who asked:

I just cut and pasted this info from my Mouser invoice. They're actually not 
"Molex" brand connectors, they're "Tyco/AMP". I chose them because they 
seemed to be the simplest and least expensive; about 75 cents a piece if you 
include the pins. They pretty easy to connect/disconnect which is great, 
because as I mentioned, you'll do a lot of that if you only half know what 
you're doing like me :>P

These are the main 4 pin male and female plastic connectors:

mouser part# 571-14804260	1-480426-0	AMP Commercial MATE-N-LOK Connectors
PIN PANEL 4 CIRCUITS	6	$0.27	$1.62	6 Shipped

mouser part# 571-14804240	1-480424-0	AMP Commercial MATE-N-LOK Connectors
4 CKT HOUSING	6	$0.23	$1.38	6 Shipped

These are the male and female pins that you have to buy separately (note 
that I bought 24 pins for my 6 connectors).

mouser part# 571-606181	60618-1	AMP Commercial MATE-N-LOK Connectors
PIN 24-18 AWG	24	$0.13	$3.12	24 Shipped

mouser part# 571-606171	60617-1	AMP Commercial MATE-N-LOK Connectors
SOCKET 24-18 BULK	24	$0.13	$3.12	24 Shipped


I don't know about the specific connectors, but i like not bothering with 
the header connector in case the module has one of it's own. I know the .156 
mta 4pins are popular but i don't know what to do to get a universal 
connector with the above method mentioned into a 4 pin or 6 pin motm style 
mta connector. any ideas on what to do? Should i make the mta's with the 
crimping tool or something?

Kinda lost on this step. I just need to know what i can do to connect the 
module to the distro. I can't figure out what type of connector the motm 6 
pin is on the 990 distro. thanks in advance


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