[sdiy] MFOS Stereo Panner Module

thomas white djthomaswhite at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 10 07:33:13 CEST 2007

Another one down...

I just finished this unit today. Built into MOTM
format. Will have pics on my website later this week.
But firstly, go buy one from Ray immediately! This
things rocks! I have been able to pan with dual VCA's
for some time, but Ray's module has the Leslie
Simulator! With the push of a button you can switch
between a slow churning LFO pan to a high energy trill
just like a leslie cabinet. Super clean sound and zero
noise. I would post video with sound but I only have a
cheap camera with no audio input and a mono speaker.
Maybe I can post stereo files on my website later this

My only gripe is that once again I hurried in my panel
design. I did not read the fine print saying you can
add a CV Input to control the panning rate. Shi#$%&*

I will add that to the next one, but I only wish I
could use my CGS PSYCHO LFO now to pan this thing.
Take your time folks, rushing bit me in the ass twice
this weekend. 


Thomas White
  Natural Rhythm

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