[sdiy] New stand don! .and..anyone know Solton TS4 keyboard? no sound!

Bob Weigel sounddoctorin at imt.net
Wed Sep 5 00:22:17 CEST 2007

I changed the battery for this guy..the manual said something he said 
about pressing the first three buttons on the right so I did while 
powering it up and at least got it to where the buttons respond 
logically now. Before it was just totally lost. Moved the wheel and the 
'uncentered' note went away and it all seemed to work digitally. But no 
sounds. (When I like start the sequencer I can hear something happening 
in the faint digital hiss.  But no signals to the analog board that I 
can sense)

Meanwhile...I did a project the last week.  There is now a mostly 
Aluminum 4 tier keyboard stand which takes up very little room. (It sets 
where the DSS1 and Prophet 600 were in my studio tour photos at 
sounddoctorin.com).  Imagine now those keyboards plus a Korg Karma and a 
Akai AX60 all playable at the same time in rock solid fashion!!  This is 
truly the most awesome keyboard stand I've ever seen in the way that it 
takes so little space, holds so much and has such great rigidity..AND 
can be packed into 3' lengths or around there and bagged for transport.  
If I'd put an A-frame type stand in there I couldn't walk behind it. So 
I got a vision for this thing and went down to the scrap aluminum place 
here and found some great aluminum rails etc.  I'll try to post pics on 
the site soon. -Bob

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