[sdiy] Solina - high output or low output?

JH. jhaible at debitel.net
Mon Sep 3 20:04:02 CEST 2007


When you're playing your Solina, are you using the High or the Low output?

Going thru the Solina documents, I noticed a remarkable thing.

I guess you're all familiar with the so-called "loudness" correction that 
you often found in electronics from the early HiFi, and pre-HiFi area: Boost 
the Bass, sometimes boost the Treble, at low sound volume.

(The Yamaha CS-80 expression pedal has such a loudness correction, too, 

Now the Solina has the most brutal implementation of such a Loudness 
function I've ever seen.

There is the "High" output, which has *some* filtering, mostly from the BBD 
signal chain. (12kHz LPF, plus some additional slight rolloff.)

And then there is the "Low" output:

Derived from the High output signal, there is 20dB attenuation at 3.5kHz 
(relative to low and high range), but what is stunning is *how* this is 
created: There is a steep 4-pole (!) LPF at 1kHz, and a 2-pole HPF at 18kHz.

It looks like the intention to make the signal very dark, and then to add a 
shimmer of brilliance again.

Which is all nice as well, except the fact that they only applied this to 
the "Low" output. (Which, in an instument normally doesn't mean you play it 
at low volume, but that you connect it to a sensitive input - Mic amp with 
Pad, intrument amplifier, whatever.)

So I'm curious: Solina owners, can you confirm this dramitic difference in 
sound from the two outputs, and which output are you normally using??


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