[sdiy] synth-diy searchable archives

JH. jhaible at debitel.net
Sat Sep 1 13:01:52 CEST 2007

I used to use these archives a lot:


Apparently these are not working anymore, or only sporadically.

Which is a sad thing, because I tend to shift my focus away from our good 
old mailing list more and more ...

It was _so_ useful, to be able to just look what has happened on synth-diy 
over the last few days, even when I'm not sitting at the machine where the 
list mails come in. Or when I've simply deleted a thread because the subject 
didn't sound interesting, only to find out that there _was_ interesting talk 
all the while.

A few month ago I started to _also_ post on a web-based forum, but I never 
intended to leave synth-diy behind. In retrospect I find I partly _did_, and 
much of it is because of the lack of an archive like it used to be.

All right - that was all wrong. :)
What I meant to say is, all honour to the guy who has maintained that 
archive for so many years - I just start to see what I'm missing, now that 
it doesn't work like it used to anymore.

Is there a chance to bring this up to its former performance?


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