[sdiy] Yamaha service -- from Yellow covers to Plain covers & ChucK

Loscha loscha at gmail.com
Wed May 30 05:19:31 CEST 2007

 Does anyone on here know an approximate time when Yamaha started
phasing out those lovely yellow service manual covers (like on my
GS1/2 and PS1/2/3 service manuals -- these are mid 1981) for the
Cover-less manuals they do now?

 I was also a fan of their user manuals being those green fronted books, too.

 Other quick Q, has anyone tried the ChucK programming langauge? It's
for programming Sound, MIDI and what-have-you. Open Source, Free!
Quite versatile, dramatically easier to work with than CSound. Has a
modular kind of approach. You can give it programs like

SineOsc S => LPF L => Delay D => dac.
Then, if you want to change things in your SineOsc "S"
440 => S.freq;
.5 => S.gain;
1200 => L.freq;
1.4 => L.q;
200::ms => D.delay;

 ....and so on. Which I find to be pretty easy to read as a human
being, and have a good idea of how it's going to come out.

All the other normal programming pa lava is present -- loops, arrays,
I/O, wave file writing, granular synthesis and such.

 Not very analog DIY, but, I've been making my own synths on it, from
various designs and ideas I've had on paper but been too lazy to

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