[sdiy] Wanted: Siel Orchestra 2 schematics

Bob Weigel sounddoctorin at imt.net
Tue May 29 08:20:04 CEST 2007

Well, the problem with the oct. down is probably just the switch or 
solder to it I'd think.  Can't recall..I think there's an LED in it.  
Does the LED work?  If not then it's just a bad switch likely or a bad 
chip that will be easily traced to it's locale.   The flange slider only 
works if the 'chorus' switch is activated I seem to recall. If still no 
flange or chorus then probably a bad BBD chip I'd think. I don't have 
schematics but remember it's identical to the SCI Prelude and probably 
can be gotten from Wine Country.  Other problem is the capacitors drift 
and you get varying release times on the notes.  Mine need to be done on 
my prelude.  -Bob

Matti Kari wrote:

> Hi all,
> is there anyone who could send me Siel Orchestra 2 schematics or even 
> better, service manual? I just got one of those and it works otherwise 
> except that the "oct. down" button does nothing and also the "flange" 
> slider doesn't seem to have any effect as well.
> Thanks in advance :)

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