[sdiy] Weird Vocoder project

bill bigrig billbigrig at yahoo.com
Mon May 28 04:08:33 CEST 2007


 After trying to figure out how to narrow and offset
the 8 bands of a pair of Paia vocoders, it seems

 I am now taking 2, 31 band MXR EQs and trying to
combine them into a vocoder. The carrier, I will try
to find 31 very economical VCAs to add before the band
filters, giving me tweakability with the sliders. The
Modulator I will have to find 31 envelope followers
after the band sliders for tweakability. I'm thinking
that the modulator band outputs can be individually
rectified and filtered for the control voltge. Maybe
leave the filtering out or bypassable for interesting
FM effects on the carrier VCAs. Someone over at
Synthsizers.com mentioned a Korg 1 transistor VCA. Can
anybody help me with this? Am I totally loony for
trying this in the first place? I LOVE my Paia, but
would like to have a vocoder with more resolution than
8 bands. I can't afford an MAM or EMS, and the
Roland/Electro-voice units only have 11. I have the
EQs sitting here, along with half a dozen dual 15s, so
the EQs are free. Any opinions out there? Is this
totally insane? Thanx in advance.

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