[sdiy] diy Korg ms20 expander

Dump Static xpandrew at ph.k12.in.us
Fri May 25 21:04:14 CEST 2007

a 24db LP filter

control module with photo-cell things and a joystick

more mixers are always nice

some CGS wave multipliers


>>> "rdrake" <rdrake at data2action.com> 05/25/07 11:47 AM >>>

i've been asked to build a small expander module for a pal who plays an MS20.  He does noizy drone stuff, primarily live performance, really likes the sound he's got but would like to have a few more options.  

I'm thinking along the lines of: another linear oscillator, a couple LFOs, some kind of wobbulator modulation source (ken stone SuperPsycho LFO, or a barebones 8step sequencer), maybe a VC phaser? a couple of photo-cell CV sources?...  

What would you add to your MS20?


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