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Robert Weigel sounddoctorin at imt.net
Thu May 24 19:01:23 CEST 2007

Yup.  I always appreciate updates as to dead links etc. on my site.  I'm
still trying to figure why sounddoctorin.info which is supposed to point
to sounddoctorin.007ihost.com (which works great!) is lagging and usually
not responding!  But for now bookmark the 007 link for the universal
pointer page all if you would and let me know if there's anything I can
add. And as long as I'm able I'll try to rigorously maintain it for the
good of the free information community and pass it on if I become unable
for some reason. -Bob

> On 2007-05-22 21:43 +0200, JH. wrote:
>> So, instead of creating a big archive, just go on sharing - it
>> worked well over all these years.
> Do we have to choose ? Scattered sites are useful because it's
> hard for a lawyer to get them all shut down. A central site is
> useful because it's more efficient than filtering out all the
> false positives on Google. Or counting on the person who has the
> schemo you want reading the list when you ask for it.
> Web pages do disappear, archive.org or not. Upload what you have
> to your page AND to Mo's site.
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