[sdiy] battery powered analog sequencer

Tony K kalotony at videotron.ca
Thu May 24 12:01:16 CEST 2007

Hi list,

  I want to put together your standard 4017  8-step type of sequencer and
was wondering if there are any designs I can look at out there ?
Here's what I'd like ideally,

1) Battery/Wall wart (Boss 9v) operation.
2) LM324 (cause I've got these).Do I really need an "A" part ?
3) 4017 to drive 2 rows of 8 pots and led/trigger bus.
4) cheap but good mini "knobless" pots.
5) 5 octave range (1v/oct)
6) cost

I won't need a clock.This will be controlling an external Vc clock 
from a second row of eight pots.
I've looked at Blacet for some suggestions like using an HC version 
of the 4017, and pulled out my
trusty IC Op-Amp cookbook and Barry Klein's book so I've got alot to 
work with already.

My main concerns are the single supply op-amp for the  cv mixer like 
supply v.s. output voltage swing,offset etc.
I don't mind going the bipolar route but I don't want two batteries 
or some oversized wall wart thing.
I would consider a cheap ac-dc converter.

Ay suggestions or comments would be most appreciated.


Tony K

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