[sdiy] Voltage + Frequency calibration in common modular systems question.

Jim Patchell patchell at cox.net
Mon May 7 15:11:52 CEST 2007

Chris K wrote:
> Hi, right now I'm looking to calibrate a CEM3340 I'm working with on 
> breadboards but I'm wondering how others have their oscillators 
> callibrated as far as reference frequency to say 1v.
> I'm calibrating it to a 1v/oct setup but I'm curious about a common 
> reference frequency.
> What reference frequency do Moog / MOTM / Synthesizers.com / Blacet / 
> Doepfer use, say without any input voltage offset / input signal 
> attenuation?
> Also what about audio signal voltage levels vs cv voltage levels in 
> these systems? I've read that +/-10V control, and +/-5V are a standard 
> in Musical Applications of Microprocessors, but I'm wondering how 
> people actually have their system set up.
> Thanks for the help. I'm down to make a reference grid / web page with 
> the info if there isn't one around already, maby help some other 
> people out.
> - ck
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I calibrate my oscillators so that 0 volts = C0 (or, to answer your 
question...1 volt = C1).....

This is just my personal preference.


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