[sdiy] digitally controlled potentiometers

Heiko van der Linden hjvanderlinden at hotmail.com
Sun May 6 20:59:01 CEST 2007

Thanks Paul, Andre and Ingo,

Your input is very helpful to help me assess what I really need from my
Concerning the resolution, I definitely think that a high resolution is 
for the potentiometers that control an audio signal such as filter cutoffs,
resonance and ADSR potentiometers. I wonder if a nice filter sweep can be
done with a low resolution potentiometer without zipper noise.
And Ingo you are absolutely right about the description being one for a 
resistor and not for a potentiometer. A potentiometer would indeed require a
second resistor branch in the circuit.
I will go play with my circuit some more and the mosfet circuit (i have a 
of n-channel mosfets with low RDS(on). First need to repair my o'scope 
though :-(
The 200V submodule supply fails on my tek scope...

Thanks a lot,

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