[sdiy] Analysis of frequency variation in analogue synths

Colin f colin at colinfraser.com
Fri May 4 02:42:41 CEST 2007


> > Reproducing detail that you can't hear is wasted effort.
> Yes, but this assumes that a steady state unfiltered waveform is  
> likely to be audibly analogue.
> Does that seem like a convincing assumption? Might it not be the way  
> as much about the dynamics of the sound - pitch being only a small  
> part - than the harmonic content?

Um, yes, that's my point. It wasn't my assumption. 
If there's no audible analogue quality until you start modulating and
filtering a waveform, then you need to characterise the behaviour of
modulation and filtering, not worry about jitter in the steady-state
waveform too much.
Colin f

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