SV: Re: [sdiy] Analysis of frequency variation in analogue synths

karl dalen dalenkarl at
Thu May 3 22:13:42 CEST 2007

An xtal are much more unstable in its first years of its life it then
settles down as time goes by. So one can say that a xtal sounds more
lively when young and sterile when old!..............
Otherwise i do agree in everything synthfool has previously
said about this warmth!.............................(no i dont)! ;-)



--- Ian Fritz <ijfritz at> skrev:

> At 09:09 AM 5/3/2007, Nicholas Gregorich wrote:
> >Sorry if I have offended you.
> Not at all.  Just curious as to what your specific experience is.  Thanks 
> for the clarification.
> >The only thing I found suspect was the crystal oscillator simply from
> >experience of them behaving less than ideally in a digital setting
> >[possibly operator error/learning] and wondering how to measure the
> >variations with temperature, noise, by pass capacitor effects, etc. I
> >guess I could probably find something useful on the data sheet. :)
> Well, does anyone think a xtal oscillator sounds "warm"?  Certainly a 
> reasonable characterization of "warmth" could involve a comparison between 
> VCO and xtal oscillators.
> >Combining that with Paul Perry's comment, I would be back at one
> >wondering how to measure the accuracy of my FM discriminator.
> I would think it would be OK to assume the xtal oscillator is nearly 
> ideal.  One would then look for a difference in the discriminator signal 
> between the two sources.  If the difference is very small, then it may be 
> difficult to resolve this way.
>    Ian 
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