[sdiy] Re: [sdiy-interim] first commercial video module?

Cynthia Webster cynthia.webster at gte.net
Tue Mar 27 11:28:45 CEST 2007

Hi, I would suggest that this is another oscilloscope module, not really 
a module for
any type of video synthesis...  (for example, there is no control of 
video sync, chroma, or
gain. There is no signal mixing, or voltage control, or switching, 
generating, or multiplying).

While this is an interesting and apparently worthy oscilloscope module, 
it is not the first.

Doepfer already announced and showed a dedicated Oscilloscope module 
this year at
NAMM, and for some time our Cynthia Macintosh module has been available 
as a
totally great scope when used in conjunction with our Touch Screen 
Monitor Modules (Pal & NTSC) running (free) Wavewindow, PixelToy, or 
software - among others.


Of course, using the internal dual processors, you can also run Windows 
software on The Cynthia Macintosh Module such as PicoScope, or Zelscope 
which also
features a spectrum analyzer...



Creating modern day analog or digital video synthesis modules is quite a 
tall order technically,
and I feel that we have to be very careful about throwing claims about 
the "first" this, or the
"first" that, without careful examination.

None the less, the whole range of MFB modules look quite interesting!

Best Wishes!





Daniel Araya wrote:
> It's in german and it seems to be a sort of oscilloscope but cool none
> the less! 
> http://www.mfberlin.de/Produkte/Module/VD-01/vd-01.html 
> more modules from MFB:
> http://www.mfberlin.de/Produkte/Module/module.html 
> /daniel
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