[sdiy] Re: [sdiy-interim] EPROM Armageddon?

Ken Stone sasami at hotkey.net.au
Wed Mar 28 11:13:02 CEST 2007

It's real enough. I got my old '80s eprom burner out about 7 years ago, and
the OS Rom was totally blank.


>I had a terrific conversation with Paul Schrieber of MOTM the other  
>day, during which he mentioned that my beloved Jupiter 8 was destined  
>for the landfill soon because it contains CPU embedded EPROMS, and  
>all EPROMS have an implied 20 year (or thereabouts) lifespan.  Since  
>the Jupiter's ROM is inside the CPU chip it can't easily be read and  
>reprogrammed in a new chip, like one could do with a discrete 2716  
>type EPROM.  This news was shocking to me, since I dearly love the  
>Jupiter and a few other machines that I own from that era.
>I have searched the internet for info on this upcoming "EPROM Y2K",  
>but haven't found any mention of it anywhere.  Maybe nobody knows?   
>Does anyone have anything to add about the validity of this EPROM  
>lifespan claim and is there anything that can be done about it?
>I considered this thread for Analog Heaven but thought that there  
>might be more targeted expertise here.
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