[sdiy] Question on using EAGLE for Front panel designs

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Wed Jul 25 20:56:51 CEST 2007


Haven't played with Eagle for quite a while now.

I use some sort of CAD/graphics program to do panel stuff. tinyCad, AutoSketch, FrontPanelDesigner (FPD) for Front Panel Express or Publisher. If you're running a form of Windows you might try tinyCad it's freeware.

FPD can take HPGL files so I wrote some code that generates ticks in HPGL format. (No the code is not available since it was done for the company I contract too.) That seems to work and cuts down on the cost of the panels since HPGL files seem to be treated as a single 'symbol' and not a bunch of lines.

Jay S.

Anthony Rolando wrote:

> Hello, been using EAGLE to design some front panels. Thus far I have been 
> painstakingly drawing each tick mark graphic around each pot.
> I have tried to select (group) a completed pot tick mark graphic, and copy/ 
> paste it... but I have not yet been able to do this successfully.
> I am going to look into creating a library of graphics as well. Not sure if 
> that can be done though...
> Any insight on this would be much appreciated. It is driving me mad!
> TR
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