[sdiy] PolyDaWG/6 Code and Sound Sample Posted

Scott Gravenhorst music.maker at gte.net
Sun Aug 26 00:27:23 CEST 2007

"Paul Maddox (Mail LIsts)" <paul.maddox.mail-list at synth.net> wrote:
>> http://www.fpga.synth.net/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=FPGASynth.DigitalWaveguide
>> Go to the end of the article for some text and the files.  The sound file
>> is just a short sample using two of these polysynths set to the same MIDI
>> channel, but with different filter settings.  I used two because it just
>> sounds so nice.  When I get creative and come up with something better,
>> I'll post it, but for now the existing MP3 serves as an example of the
>> string sounds (which I think are more interesting to listen to solo than
>> the drum sounds, but I'll put some drums up later, perhaps as percussion
>> for a "song").
>This is just superb, what I'm wondering now is, if there's a way to take
>something like ChucK (http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/) and get it control an
>FPGA. Which would remove the need for 'beefy' machines to do performances.

That's an interesting page.  Off hand, I'd say "why not?".

-- ScottG


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