[sdiy] Where do I go to have PCBs made?

Ray Wilson raywilson at comcast.net
Thu Aug 2 07:20:56 CEST 2007

Hi guys. Due to popular demand I am going to do a run of PCBs for the WSG. I 
will advertise them on my site and the price will be fair and it will save 
everyone a lot of work and money. Look for it in the next month.



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> Hi All,
> O.k.... so I have another big old noobie question. Adam's incredible  WSG 
> demo got me itching to build one of my own, but thus far, I've  only built 
> stuff when I could just order a finished PCB. So... the  question now 
> becomes, what do I need to do to get some PCBs made?  Some kind soul 
> (Lorenzo) did a layout which is available on Ray's  site 
> (http://www.musicfromouterspace.com/analogsynth/YOUR_FIRST_SYNTH/ 
> YOUR_FIRST_SYNTH.html). So... here are my specific questions:
> 1. Can someone recommend a vendor in the US who could make a PCB for me?
> 2. I know that there are several options available when ordering  PCBs, 
> phrases I don't yet understand like solder mask, silkscreen (I  assume 
> that's the white lettering like R1, R2, etc. I see on most  boards?) So 
> what I'm wondering is which options do I need?
> 3. I don't have EAGLE or any other layout software, so at the moment  I'm 
> left using what's already available. I'm open to purchasing a  package at 
> some point down the road, but I simply can't afford it  right now.
> Thanks in advance for all of the kind help, support, and info. After  a 
> year of building stuff, I'm still such a newbie, but I've learned a  ton 
> of stuff, and I'm still having a blast! I've even sold a few of  the 
> modules I built and made enough to buy the Mrs. a new clothes  washer and 
> dryer. (All of a sudden she doesn't seem to mind me  puttering at my work 
> bench so much!)
> :-)
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