[sdiy] Good effect circuits for a DIY synth

Rutger Vlek rutgervlek at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 26 04:21:26 CEST 2004

Hello synth DIY-ers,

i new to the list so here's a short introduction:
My name is Rutger, i'm a 21yr old student in Artificial Intelligence from 
the Netherlands. I'm a keyboardplayer in a progressive rockband, and very 
fond of analog synths and DIY projects.

Recently i visited the Oakley Sound website and saw the Orbital Project 
(mono synth). I planning to build this synth with a few modifications and to 
use it as a live solo synth. So i'm thinking about building in a keyboard 
and (very important for soloing! a pitch bender). But besides that i would 
love to have some effects in this synth, but Oakley does not have any effect 
circuits besides the Equinox Phaser.

Does someone have a good suggestion for any easy to build (i'm NOT a pro) 
analog circuits for delay/chorus/phaser/flanger and perhaps things like 
ringmod. I would like to make a compact sort of FX section on the synth, so 
the circuits don't have to be as divers as the modular synth ones. I'm 
especially interesed in adresses or website were i can order a prefab PCB (i 
don't have the equiment and expertise to do this myself).

Another question i have is what the best way would be to connect a keyboard 
to the Orbital project. The Orbital has a midi interface which supports the 
control of the synths aftertouch, pitchbending and velocity. Building in a 
regular midikeyboard would be the easiest way, but seams a little strange 
since you go from analog key-switches to midi and then back to analog 
voltages. Is it possible to leave the midi out in this connection without 
losing the AT, velocity and pitchbending???



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