[sdiy] cheap knob source

patchell patchell at silcom.com
Fri Jan 31 01:17:23 CET 2003

    The knobs I saw in the picture on the below link are the Davies
1900H knobs...and I would love to know where to get those cheap as well

    You used to be able to get them from radio shack for 72 cents
each...but alas, no more.  Allied has them for about $1.50 each (or
maybe a bit more)...too rich for my blood at the moment.  They are nice
knobs.  Small, good feel, look nice.  I am currently using eagle knobs
from Mouser...I think these are the same ones paia uses however.  But,
hey, they are very well priced.

male man wrote:

> i am looking for some small sized knobs at a good
> price.  i will probably get 100 or so.  i want a knob
> that looks like those used on Chris's diy stuff.
> <http://www.evenfall.com/diy>
> max diameter 0.7", but a little bit smaller would
> probably be even better.  i like the all black
> bakelite look, not the ones paia uses or others
> similar.  set screw would be best i think, but also i
> will try to buy the pots in bulk so i could work
> around other styles.
> thanks for your help.
> skot wiedmann
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