[sdiy] solder wick?

Ken Luke ken_luke at mentorg.com
Fri Feb 28 22:17:19 CET 2003

I have one of those plastic "Sold-a-pults" (I think that's how it's 
spelled) that must be, gosh, 15 years old by now. Works great for small 
individual pieces, but I wouldn't want to strip an entire board with it.

At 12:32 PM 2/28/2003, Stephen Begin wrote:
>I've got a couple questions about desoldering
>Does anybody use the "no-clean" type of solder wick?
>What do you use to clean up the mess from normal solder wick?
>Is a cheap desoldering station worth having, or is it pointless unless you
>are willing to get a good one?
>Basically I'd like to hear anything people have learned about desoldering
>from experience.

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