[sdiy] OC NERDS Unite! also.. MOTM go for it?

Brian Hoogerbrugge hapybrian at netscape.net
Tue Feb 25 11:13:07 CET 2003

> The OC meeting is at my house on Feb. 30th.  Bring that
> beer dispenser thing.
hey, yay!  Santiago Canyon area, wasn't it?  Personally,
I have very little to bring.  (one small Fatman <http://members.cox.net/hapybrian/albums/fatman/>).

Beer?  I never understood why people drink beer... except
very cold beer on a very hot day.  Dr. Pepper is the way
to go.

Other stuff:
As I say, I have my small Fatman, whose knobs have been
twisted and turned to produce many neato sounds.  But,
I .. need .. more ..  So, I'm looking at MOTM.  Synthtech
has a nice PDF catalog which contains a "What modules do I
need" section.  Their most basic suggestion (VCO, VCF, EG,
and VCA) runs about $834.  Ouch!  Should I go for it?  I
plan to be doing synth stuff for years and years, but $834
is a steep entry fee.  Also pondering the PAIA 9700S
(MIDI2CV, VCA, VCO, VCF, EG, White noise).  At $450, it
tempts me.

If only AOL's stock would go back up...  I'd get 'em both!


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