[sdiy] MidiClock LFO (was Panel fillers)

Tim Ressel madhun2001 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 22 09:20:26 CET 2003

--- ASSI <Stromeko at compuserve.de> wrote:
> A DLL would probably work more nicely as MIDI clock
> has quite some 
> jitter and you can't filter too heavily as you need
> to follow tempo 
> changes fast when they occur. You can then chose to
> either filter the 
> jitter or just force the NCO to follow the clock
> samples it gets from 
> MIDI and drop or skip phases when the estimate was
> not accurate enough. 
> It should also listen to MIDI START commands and
> hard sync to a known 
> phase at each START and every 96th clock tick
> (assuming 4/4). This 
> makes an LFO that is synced to the time signature,
> which can be used to 
> do all sorts of wierd things or even sequencing.
> Saving the LFO it 
> might also be useful to just create triggers at and
> into each bar and 
> use these to start envelopes. When sequencing it is
> probably a good 
> idea to optionally honor STOP and CONTINUE messages.
So you would use a timer to measure the interval
between the Midi clocks and use it to set the LFO
clock oscillator? Hmm.  I'm talking some pretty high
frequencies here. I need some resolution to make an
LFO of high enough quality to be useful. We're talking
a fast processor here, and that means Pic, which I'm
not set up to do. There are some Atmel RISCs that zoom
good. I am set up for those. I'll have to crunch some

Here's an idea: how about a mode that syncs to the
Midi clock, but has a gate/trigger input. Sort of a
gated Midi clock LFO...


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