[sdiy] TX816 Editor...

Kenneth Martinez kmartinez at bency.com
Wed Feb 19 16:44:15 CET 2003

I recently added a couple drivers to JSynthLib, a Java-based 
multi-device ed/lib - see www.overwhelmed.org/jsynthlib.  It's free and 
source is included.  Support for DX/TX was recently added (by someone else).

Marc Bareille wrote:
> Hi Jim and all TX fans
> I have written a TX editor for Atari ( in Turbo C and Pure C , about 15
> years ago ) with a giant library and graphical editor , working as an
> accessory under Cubase with a ST or a Falcon030 . I have rewritten this
> software for PC/windoze  using Borland C++ builder (v1.0) , it was 4 or 5
> years ago ...The PC version is finished at approx 90% , just missing the
> sysex lines in the editor pages but you can copy them from the Atari
> sources ... actually i have sold my TX816 since now about 2 years , also if
> some of you are interested by all those sources  codes i will  send you
> files for this  . I have also a giant library of approx 15000 DX/TX  sounds
> coming with this software.
> Regards
> Marc B.
> PS : i have written editors for Sixtrak sci, Matrix 6 Oberheim, PSR550
> Roland , and dumpers for Kawai K5 , and D50 roland too,  using the same
> base of code,  all on  ST  computers but  some have been ported to PC in
> BCB1 ( c++) : Sixtrak, Matrix6, K5 ... if this have an interest for some of
> you ...
> patchell a écrit :
>>    Been busy this weekend...I finally got around to porting the TX816
>>Editor I wrote for the Atari ST about 17 years ago over to Windoze...
>>    It will be fairly similar to the Atari Version...well, actually, I
>>hope it will be nicer.  I seem to have the voice editing Dialog Boxes
>>done (there are only two in the new version, one for the operators, and
>>one for everything else), next week, I hope to get the performance
>>editor done and get the Midi talking to the TX816...The Windows Midi
>>interface seems kind of bizarre, but I am getting the hang of it...the
>>other problem I am having is having to learn how the SYSEX data is
>>formatted all over again.  I suspect I made all the same mistakes the
>>last time ;^)
>>    As soon as it is done, I will post the executables as well as the
>>source code (the code is being written in Visual C++ 6.0).  This is the
>>first time I have used Visual C++...I am rather shocked.  The last
>>Microsoft compiler I used was Version 6 of the C compiler (the last DOS
>>compiler)...and I thought that it kind of barked...
>> -Jim
>>* Visit:http://www.silcom.com/~patchell/
>>*I'm sure glad Merry Christmas comes just once a year
>>* -Yogi Yorgensen

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