[sdiy] Frequency to MIDI Conversion

sbernardi at attbi.com sbernardi at attbi.com
Tue Feb 18 21:09:27 CET 2003

Happy Harry Bissell is the guy to talk to. He's even got a Pitch to Voltage 
converter PCB (the PV-1, based on a Moog design) available from EFM. I bought 
one darn near a year ago and haven't gotten around to building it yet (I will 
someday, Harry). If you can drive it from a pure waveform that only crosses 
zero twice per cycle (like a standard saw, tri, square or sine), it should work 
fine, although there is a bit of lag on low freq since it takes two cycles to 
convert the pitch. If you have a synth driving it though, you can set it to 
higher notes and just use the inital frequency settings on your analog synth to 
bring the frequency back down.
Remember we're talking monophonic one-note-at-a-time here.
> Has anyone on the list experimented with any sort of frequency to MIDI
> conversion?  Since my Juno-60 has no MIDI output, and the DCB<->MIDI
> converters aren't inexpensive, I was thinking about just converting
> the line-level output to MIDI somehow... haven't spent much time
> thinking about it, but before I attempt to figure out some circuitry
> (or software, using sound-card input) for this, I thought that I'd
> check to see if anyone else had attempted something like this.
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