[sdiy] digitally switching cv and audio lines

bill berzinskas housenationmedia at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 17 02:06:08 CET 2003

Hey everyone..  some great threads going on lately..   so, i've got most of my first synth done..  i've yet to build the 2nd oscillator and adsr's..   anyhoo.. 
i'm thinking of designing a project to ultimately replace all the 1/4" cables..  i'm planning to implement some type of digital control over the routing and modulations..  i'm thinking a multiplexer of some sort is the key..   also have been looking at 4066's..   has anyone tried this? are there any existing projects i can get ideas from?   any input?  :-) 
as far as digital control.  i'm thinking i'll either setup a midi interface and let sysex messages setup the routings..  i was also thinking about some type of parallel port interface that would be controlled by vsti plugin..   either way..  i'm looking for more info..

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