[sdiy] The sweet smell of success...

Tim Parkhurst tparkhurst at siliconbandwidth.com
Thu Feb 13 18:43:40 CET 2003

Congrats Tim!

I salute your persistence and ingenuity. You get this month's "Uber DIY
Award" for best exemplifying the spirit of the Synth DIYer!

Tim Servo
"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein

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> Um, let me explain: As you may recall, our hero (me)
> was locked in mortal combat with his Midi2CV project.
> He (okay, I) decided to stop and get a better
> development system to facilitate debugging and reduce
> hair loss.
> Well, I am happy, no, Mega-Super-Happy to announce I
> just got the new dev system up!  Yay!
> This involved making an eprom programmer starting with
> sand. Okay, okay, not quite sand. But close. I had to
> wire-wrap a board, something I haven't done in years.
> It worked, allowing me to burn the eprom I needed for
> the bare PCB I bought.
> In short, I have a working dev system that cost about
> $40. Yay.
> Next step: an adapter board to connect the new dev
> system to the old analog board for the new system. And
> add a UART to talk MIDI and to the console at the same
> time.
> "Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never
> ends..."
> -Tim
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