[sdiy] FS: power supplies

mcphive at corrupt.net mcphive at corrupt.net
Thu Feb 13 02:42:55 CET 2003

	hi! i just made a run to the surplus store and i picked up a
couple of extra power supplies. these are +24V / +5V power supplies and
are shielded with thick THICK metal (no circuitry is exposed; there are
holes punched over parts of it for ventilation.) they have a built-in
power switch, and a standard IEC power cord input. they accept 100-240VAC.

	they supply power through a six-pin 0.1"-spaced plug... i will
send the pinout of this along with the power supply should you get one.

	if you would like one they are $20, i can ship parcel post or UPS
to get it to you cheap if you like!

	other SDIY items of interest: 7 sliders, 50mm Alps, salvaged from
a roland synth- 3 are 100KA, 4 are 100KB. $20 for the lot (some may need
cleaning, but all work.)

	paypal preferred - MO/CC accepted


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