being on the list : was RE: [sdiy] help needed: thermal equations to RC networks analogy

Czech Martin Martin.Czech at
Wed Feb 12 15:09:00 CET 2003

>Please, all you good people, be assured that this our diy community
>is a genuinly friendly one, and nobody wants to harm each other. (;->)
>Meanwhile, somebody may get the impression that his published
>circuits don't get the much response, another one may think that
>he types his detailed mathematical explanations in vain, and someone
>may think his latest CD gets less interest than it deserves.
>Actually, it's not as it may look. Timing is odd
>sometimes: At one moment everything seems quiet, next moment
>you get drowned in interest and requests.

True. I may not have always the time to comment
or ask, but I will make a printout
of any interesting circuit at once (because I'm not sure that
I'll find it later or remember or if it will be actually there).
The bunch of paper is growing every week. 
A good explanation will at once be archieved.
This information has a too high value for me to be simply


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