[sdiy] NIC-waveshaper progress

Theo t.hogers at home.nl
Mon Feb 10 13:25:48 CET 2003

From: jhaible <jhaible at debitel.net>

> > The wave-shaper section in my QUAD filterbank and my Tidal  Wavefolder
> > guitar pedal use the same circuit.
> > However with normal diodes anti-parallel to ground instead of zener.
> This is one of the classic waveshaper designs. (You probably
> know, or guess, which one; if not, I'm not allowed to tell. (;->) )
Actually I don't.
I came up the circuit from the saw to tri converter in the Elektor Formant
They switched a transistor, I replaced it with diodes.
I also added on/off switchable anti-parallel diodes to the feedback loop for
jet an other shape function.
You can find a picture of the shaper waveforms if you scroll down on the
QUAD page on our site:
www.tidalmusic.com (sorry there is no direct link either use the left-hand
menu or click the picture of the QUAD)

Mode 1 show the normal shape function,
Mode 2  with the diodes in the feedback loop activated.

> Very simple, and very nice.
Yes, I actually felt quite proud when thinking up the circuit,
but also aware that at least a 1000 others would have used this circuit
before me ;)

> (I had it in front of me, but I avoided to copy it, when I designed my
> own diode wave. I used a very different topology, but
> got similar results:
>  http://home.debitel.net/user/jhaible/jh_wavefolder.html)
Yes I know, I had your schematics in front of me, but avoided to copy.
Instead used a different topology and got similar results ;^P


> JH.

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