[sdiy] timbral design (was expo accuracy? ...)

Ian Fritz ijfritz at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 9 20:23:03 CET 2003

Hi Grant --

>Rather than perfecting the a "good enough" core, wouldn't it be more
>interesting to investigate new dynamic waveshaping designs like the Buchla
>Music Easel?
>It seems to me the frequency stability is acceptable, but new timbral design
>has barely been touched on. Timbre is arguably the next most important
>parameter after pitch is satisfactory.

Well, I've been arguing this and working on VC waveforms for years.  Have 
you built the shapers on my web site?  I've become very discouraged that 
there is so little interest in these circuits.

The double-pulse generator really gives a range of timbres not available 
with the usual saw-tri-pulse combo.  New timbral features include buzzy, 
odd-harmonic-only sounds, and waveforms with high harmonics stronger than 
the fundamental (as many acoustic instruments have).  The circuit is really 
quite simple.

I also recently put up mp3 clips, scope photos and spectra for the more 
recent Wavolver shaper.  Again, these have received very little attention.

Currently I am working on developing the NIC-based waveshaper I mentioned 
briefly last week.  I will post separately on progress with this, but it 
looks like a really effective technique.

Jorgen Bergfors also has some nice shapers on his site.


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