[sdiy] Results of Tempco test of Temp Compensated VCO

harrybissell harrybissell at prodigy.net
Sun Feb 2 04:39:42 CET 2003

1.7ppM/C... why not.

your VCO will become the standard by which all others
are judged...

You have found the Holy Grail  ;^P

(yeah I agree...does sound a bit TOO good, eh ?)

H^) harry

patchell wrote:

>     Well, I just reduced the data I took today (used a least squares
> fit), and unfortunately, the results don't seem realistic (I will have
> to go back and check my arithmatic).  Looks to me like the tempco is
> 1.7ppM/C, but that is utterly rediculous.  Here is the equation I got
> from the least square analysis:
> Scale(V/oct) = 0.00000174 * Temp(C) + 0.999384;
> The 0.999384 would be the scale factor at 0 degrees C if V/oct....
>     Still, the VCO seems to be well compensated now...it has been a long
> road there, and would have never gotten there without this group.
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>  -Jim
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