[sdiy] OT: CD explosion

Dave Krooshof synthos at xs4all.nl
Wed Aug 27 16:18:07 CEST 2003

>On 2003-08-26 19:15 -0600, Ian Fritz wrote:
>>  On Thursday, June 19, 2003, a compact disk (CD-R) being used in a
>>  CD-ROM drive at NASA Ames Research Center shattered and was ejected
>>  explosively from the drive.
>Years ago, I read somewhere that the reason CD-ROM drives
>stopped getting faster at 50x is that the centrifugal force
>would exceed the strength of the polycarbonate.
>André Majorel <amajorel at teaser.fr>

Exactly. These news items are indeed old, from the time
cd/r/w drives became faster then max 48x max-reading-speed.
The issue is ineed the fact how hard you can pull on a cd. The cds
cannot bare their own mass at 48x+.

Let's design a cd rom writer that doesn't rotate the cd. Instead
it will move the laser to do the job. The laser is moving anyway, so
it must be easy. Then, it will not be writing nor reading in a circular
motion, but back and forth like the old matrix printers did, in straight
lines over the cd.
The advantage is you can store the cds in your old handy cd cases,
yet you can read and write them fast without the danger that spinning
discs bring.

Any idea why they do not ever play 78 rpm record in public
places anymore?

But, since analogue synths do not have cdroms, generally,
we need to consider this thread as OT indeed. Except
when we discuss storing sdiy-mp3 on them. But in that case,
it's about music, so let's move the cdrom thread to AH!

"Don't write your ah mp3 collection faster then 48x, guys!"



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