[sdiy] OT: CD explosion

Richard Wentk richard at skydancer.com
Wed Aug 27 14:03:49 CEST 2003

At 10:37 27/08/2003 +0100, Steven Downhill wrote:
>         >but be careful who you send these stories to.. next thing you know
>         >an official law that computer's can't be above 4 feet off the
>ground, or
>         >you'll have to wear a full face helmet..;-)
>What happens if you're a dwarf or small child?.
>A CD-Rom drive at 4ft from the floor would be at their eye level too!.
>I opt for all CD-Rom drives to be made out of Kevlar and Titanium and be
>encased in bullet proof glass.
>No problems then...

These problems only occur because people are happy to cut corners on CD 
blanks. Diamond is a lot stronger than polycarb, and should deal with all 
of these issues once and for all.

You'd probably need some kind of optical coating, but that's a small price 
to pay for protecting the lives and eyesight of our loved ones.


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