[sdiy] FW: ems vcs3

tania gallagher tania.gallagher at pandora.be
Sat Aug 23 14:49:41 CEST 2003

Hello again,

my apologies for writing in Flemish. Thank you magnus & bert. So,yes, the
unit was working fine, untill a couple of weeks ago i powered up and there
was a distinct hum. When i use the oscillators they sound distorted like you
wouldnt believe.  i was going to send it in for repair,as the reverb tank
needs replacing anyway,but i´m not sure i trust ups to bring it to ems, and
its a bit of a long drive to bring the unit to them myself. theres a catch
to this story however...i dont know the first thing about electronics. (
however i managed to repair an arp odyssey recently...dont know how i did
it, but i brought it back to life after dismantling everything and putting
it back together)

however, if i can bring somebody in who does know a bit or 2 about
electronics, i can point him towards the problem...and i can leave the unit
at home. so...any more thoughts would be appreciated.

b demey

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