[sdiy] Re: [AH] Analogue Sys. RS300 CV to Midi - 1st Impressions

Peter Grenader peter at buzzclick-music.com
Fri Aug 15 23:50:33 CEST 2003

phillip m gallo wrote:

> Peter,
> Your MIDI quantizer sounds like a great module,(which is what i would call
> any module that bridged the analog and digital technologies and not require
> attached PC).
> Can you assign as single input voltage across a pair of MIDI Controller
> Coarse and Fine message types?  For instance Breath Controller number 2 and
> 34 (dec)?
> regards,
> p
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> Subject: [AH] Analogue Sys. RS300 CV to Midi - 1st Impressions
> This morning I had the fortune of laying my hands on the first Analogue
> Systems' RS300 to hit North America the moment it was unboxed.  I thought
> I'd give you all my impressions of this (hint) fabulous device.
> I understand that this touches upon a sore subject for some of you (midi
> instruments) and at best the great debate for the remainder.  My personal
> feeling is that analog and digital machines CAN live together as both have
> their place and purpose in that society.  Well, the RS300 just brought them
> (a lot) closer.
> This device has 8 programmable inputs and one midi output.  Each of the 8
> ins can be user-assigned through a front panel LCD screen to any of the 127
> midi controller numbers so that analog voltages be used to control midi
> instruments via their midi implementation charts. This alone is quite
> liberating, as it breaks you free from what I see as the two big misses on
> all analog modeling instruments - the lack of control modularity -and- the
> inability to transmit most of the controls signals they can generate out of
> the of the instrument to others.
> The RS300 erases all that.  Imagine having filters sweeps synced to pans on
> not only one instrument, but many - all at the same time.  Envelopes longer
> than those each machine is capable of generating.  Random control of
> anything you wish.  Audio range A.M. Non -linear control. - there are a
> billion possibilities.
> This type of control is nothing new to analog machines.  The Doepfer A-192
> has allowed you to do this for a few years, and it allows for twice the
> inputs (16) as the new Analogue Systems device.  There is one distinct
> difference between the two which however which, for the time being,  puts
> Bob WIlliams' new gizmo that  a football stadium ahead of the Doepfer
> offering:
> Channel 1 can be assigned to generate midi on/off messages.
I forgot to mentionb4....  each input is scalable to it's incoming voltage
range.  +/- 5, +/- 10, 0 to +5, 0 to +10

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