[sdiy] Pacific Northwest Synth Meeting...thank you John Marshall

patchell at cox.net patchell at cox.net
Mon Aug 4 22:12:34 CEST 2003

Even though doing email remotely is kind of a big pain in the neck...I wanted to say thanks to John Marshall for organizing the PNW Synth Meeting.  Despite the fact that I had to drive 1200miles to get here (2600 Km (I think) for those in Europe :-), and the fact that John was doing so in adverse conditions, plus, I wish your DOT would learn how to put up signs letting you know where what is :-)....It was a whole lot of fun.  It would have been nice if we could have had a few more hours, ... I was suprised at how quickly the end came.

And it was real nice seeing old faces from the previous meet...and seeing new faces that I hadn't seen before.  Plus, I got to get rid of a lot of junk...errr...I mean, I gave away a lot of door prizes...(No, Harry, no 0.039uF caps :-)

And even though Robert Rich was unable to attend...Randy (sorry, forgot his last name already)...was able to pinch hit.

Some of the other things I came up here to see have disapeared.  The Future Active store is no longer in business :-(...I went downtown (Seatle) to see Hardwicks and Sons Hardware store...but...I needed $3 to park, and the smallest I had was a 50...and a Modle railroad store I wanted to see has shut down...but on the positive side, I did go up to Grizzly Imports and picked up a small foot sheer and a 90 degree notcher...although, I am not sure if that was a good thing or not... :-)

Anyway, thanks for the good time...I leave for Santa Barbara tomorrow at about 5 in the morning (to avoid the southbound traffic through Seatle...the worst traffic I have ever been in)...


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